domingo, febrero 24, 2008

Zoom Tre AD Wear test

Sometimes I regret having to work a lot, having to go here and there, having to be on the phone for half a day, having to ship stuff in a hurry blah blah blah. And then you "have" to fly to Amsterdam to test some shoes and skate, meet your friends and be back the next day. I know. Hard.
Nike Sb put together a wear test with customers, riders and media from all over the world. It was crazy how the first time we did this was in 2006 or so, and it was in Oregon, and we barely were 15 people. Now we were like 80 people. Its crazy how time goes, and i', proud to say I have been part of this fmily for so long.
Here the pics of the wear test of the amazingly good Zoom tre A.D (Advanced Design), that James Arizumi designed and Im happy to say deliver.

For some reason skateboards are dangerous weapons. Just in case you didnt know...

Whats best to watch on TV when you arrive at the hotel than some Obama vs Hillary debate?

Euro hordes attack! Media, riders, friends, customers and everything in between.

if someone I know sees this picture... Impossible getting good wifi networks to get my emails without having to use roaming from my Blackberry. Yes, its an Iphone...

For some reason these fools were dressed as clowns and were having lunch with us.

Shawn B and Kaspar ready to roll with some holiday 08 preview, which I can say rocks. Watch out for the Blazers. All I can say is that.

The guy in the left was some homeless guy we found in the street, and the guy in the right is the one and only son of Bruce Lee. he was there peeping the shoes too.

Boat cruise

So this guy is Cristiano Babbi. He runs Nike SB for the whole Italy, and is one of the sons of Rocco Sifredi. His stories of sex, girls and lust have no end, and as a good italian, he doesnt give a fuck. Sharing a room with him can mean just him walking around naked, with a small towel, or everything at the same time. But hes a really amazing individual. Oh, he also worked at the famous Slam Jam for years handling the brands you love like Stussy, Bape or Supreme.

Kevin Imamura and Gert Kerkstoel, two of my favorite guys in the big Nike ship. I met Kevin after talking with him on the email 1 year before getting involved at Nike, and Gert was the euro boss for some time until he moved to USA to manage Action Sports as the big ppa for marketing. Gert, this is not but its same as good!

And this in the left is Sebastian, the boss in the UK. Cardigan lover and used to sleep in meetings. You will be missed. The one in the right is some dude who said he designed the Zoom Tre and the P-Rod... nobody believed him.

Dont ask.

And off to skate them at Amsterdam's funniest and best skatepark. In the pic, James Arizumi, me, Kaspar and Kevin Imamura.
A great experience. Great shoes. And yes, I landed my kickflips, nollie 5050, 50-50 and an amazingly high nollie pop shove-it.


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