miércoles, febrero 27, 2008


I like O.C. I know is a corny, cheesy show, but I like it. I can spend sundays watching a full dvd with 4 episodes or even more. Dont hate. With so many bad TV shows, something easy to watch is welcomed in my life.

A week with a lot of visitors, and the usual "tapas" dinner. From left to right: The hand of "Buba" the head of MISZAPAS.Com blog (A spanish blog that covers sneakers and everything in between), Kevin Imamura, Nike SB brand manager from Oregon (Watch out L.A!), Vincent Bressol (Nike SB France and pro rider), Danijel Todorovic (Nike SB Nordics and the euro rider with more magazine covers I know), Luy-Pa SIn (Nike SB France), Daniel Lebron (Nike SB Spain), Kike Mayor (The best filmer/editor in Spain), Jos (Make Up forever manager), James Arizumi (That guy who kept trying to convince me he did the P-Rod 2 and the Zoom Tre a.d aswell as the Nike Snow boots), Kaspar (Nike SB Holland), and Wieger (nike SB global rider). A lot of tapas, a lot of fun, and and some drinks after. Interesting chit chats, none covering work or sneakers. Mostly sex, 3somes and eastern escapes...
And talking about escaping. SITGES, an amazing little town near Barcelona. Escaped there to have just some walk and eat some good food next to the sea. Im pretty sure you will google the place to see where it is. If you come to Barcelona be sure to go there, specially during summer.


My very first hat. Proud to say its part of the Fall'08 collection. In the picture, my friend Nima who's happy (you can see it by his face) to show the hat he will wear this summer.

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Tronics dijo...

Dope hat man.

Can't wait for the drop, will defo support!