domingo, enero 27, 2008


And now in Germany for some days. The ISPO (Something like Bread and Butter but with less all over prints, lots of gore tex and few hot chicks).
Some of the snaps from today...

The 1st flight departed Barcelona at 6 am, that means, I woke up at 4 am, and was at the airport at 5 am. Amazing.

First thing you see when you arrive to Munich (Or Munchen as the germans call it), is this BMW thing. It had a "button" on the floor (it was a sticker), that was supposedly an engine start button. You stepped in and you could hear the Bmw engine roar. Pretty impressive.

The vault of mistery. Here is where all of the ACG Fall08 collection was stored for the Ispo. I can only tell you... ACG, Fall/HO'08. Game will change. And some pics to prove it:

yeah, I can say lots of people will change their minds about ACG (including me!)

Just a glimpse of whats coming from ACG. The "Craftology" concept. That means details, details details...

I just loved this painting and the guy working on it. I think was Rip Curl or something else booth.

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