martes, noviembre 13, 2007

Skate days

There was a time when the only skate companies around where from United States. Then, somehow, some spanish companies appeared. First, they were cheap, and the effort and sweat the owners where putting on it was not enough to put out good and reliable products.
More sweat and tears, more effort and in some time you had a strong company with good riders in place.
This is the case of Nomad Skateboards. Some years after their first tries and a lot of effort on their belt, this company based in Zaragoza (South-east of Barcelona), just premiered his video called "A Nomad point of view" last saturday in Barcelona.
A lot of people, a good video, and a really good way to finish a saturday.

Enrique Mayor, filmer and editor of the whole thing with his new shoes. Is that red velvet?

Weapons of mass destruction: David from Now, E. Mayor from Dogway, Roger from SNT and me from... wherever.

Catering by the one and only "Chicho".

And if you think just a few people showed up, the place was fully packed by around 200-300 people, and the video rocked.

Chrysler gangsters riding downtown.

David x Ducati Monster

Thats Ruth from Trust Nobody getting some pakistani love

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