sábado, noviembre 10, 2007

The power of sun

As time goes by in professional life, good weapons to deliver good results are a must. In the gadget loving world we live in, news items appear in my table as we move towards the end of the year:

New "Bamboo" tablet from Wacom already in place and getting some usage as we speak.
I wanted one ever since I tried the big bro of them all, the Wacom CINTIQ 21UX. Its not the same but its all good, I dont have 2500 euros to spend on this thing (Although Id love to have it).

Yeah, a "simple" OS is sometimes what makes a difference between working comfortable and working in some shitty wordspace (Im talking about using Windows here).
I really want to say this OS is way better than the last the Apple guys put out. I still havent found out all the new stuff this one has, but already found some improvements.
Come on, its not expensive, and this thing has some option called "time machine" that allows you to have all the data and configuration on your computer and be able to restore it like you had it some time ago.
I love Apple.
Fuck Windows.

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