martes, octubre 16, 2007

Nothing but...London

One day after the Barcelona hyatus, headed to London, I arrived yesterday.
Like a dream, after all the craziness of saturday night, and without realizing it, I was in London with Buba, who is now working for Uno magazine and for his blog

Tate Museum of modern art. I think its been the 1st time I visited a museum in all of the London visits I have done in the past...

Buba from, James Arizumi and Damien Tripplet from that company at the Tate.
Today the "What the dunk" went live, selling at NikeTown London/Slam City Skates, and selling out fast. Not faster than the pairs sold out yesterday at Trust Nobody Barcelona.
Slam City Skates inside of Nike Town London yesterday, before the craze of the launch. Already 50-60 people lined up waiting to get the shoes. Thats passion.
And today tuesday, the event itself, the premiere of the movie at this amazing venue at the Royal festival Hall, and then the afterparty... stay tuned.

Tomorrow back to Barcelona.

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