miércoles, octubre 10, 2007

Been in and out

So I can say this is been a hell of a month. And ey, even thou some people might take that as a complain, Im pretty sure I will miss all the stress and adrenaline thats pumping these days around here, and specially in a hijacked office I just took.
One of the biggest (or the biggest) marketing project I have done and executed is going to its final stage as we speak, and if I look back to all the hard work and energy its worth it.

So to disconnect from all this craze, just took the car and went to the coast for 2 days. Oddly enough, walking around the beautiful place at night, while a lot of people was celebrating "Oktoberfest" (Beer party or whatever) I found out I own a village... peep the proofs...

Actually, I own 2-3 restaurants and 1 clothing store...

...they love me up there.

For all the food junkies out there: Scargots, aka "caracoles", aka no-idea-the-word-in-english. Some spanish way to do sausages, and that view is from the hotel we stayed at. Affordable, amazingly good, and with incredible views.

PD- Dont go to have breakfast in wifebeater, shorts and flipflops. The high society people might give you bad looks...I was just enjoying my summer look!

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