martes, octubre 02, 2007

Back in the day...

...skateboarding photography was my way to be out home, travel th world and make some euros/dollars, and any currency known to man.

Some of you might have seen some of my stuff in mags like Big Brother (RIP), Strength (RIP), Thrasher magazine (US), UNO (Spain), Dogway Mag (Spain), Adrenalin (UK) and some brands. I was a 100% hustler. Some people I knew were coming to Barcelona to skate, there I was, fully equipped with my camera bag, and trillion film (No digital by then...I´d have saved so much money).

Brad Johnson, portrait. Around 2004/2005
It was basically a hustle. Shooting everything, all the time. No matter if the trick was "not amazing at all"... what mattered was skateboarding, the angle, the skater, the style.
I still shoot skateboarding photos every now and then, but it makes me wonder why so many people have a lot of attitudes these days in my city.
In one hand we have that some skateboarders tend to act like cry babies, and some photographers act like they shooting for VOGUE...

Brian Brown, ollie down. 1st Zoo York tour in Barcelona. Around 2005 or so.
All you foreign photographers come here, try to act like you from here, chill out at our spots, and all of a sudden when asked to shoot a "Barcelona article", none of the locals are there.

Whats wrong with you guys?
The you have the sponsored skateboarder who thinks hes skating for life and getting richer every second hes on top of a skateboard. CMon guys, its just skateboarding, not rock´n´roll.

Take take take. is that what its all about?

Sambo "Frontside ollie fakie nosegrind"
As I advised a friend yesterday "You better take a real job and dont try to be famous/rich shooting skate photos. Just have fun with it.

Ribado. Railslide.

My best for all the real friends, homies and fam who stay true to their ideas and dont even think about all this "im so cool" attitude.

We real, and forever.

Barcelona skateboarding family since 1993

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*.*. Huet dijo...

La verdad que tu trabajo es cool...

Te sigo desde hace tiempo, atraves de la tienda trust Nobody y de algun que otro articulo en revistas...

Patino al igual que tu y siento admiracion por tu estilo..." tan de calle "

Skate or die ...Fuck yoy hippie !!!

xbrauliox dijo...

hey man, I'm a friend of ruth, I check her link to see your blog, you have some awesome pictures (skateboarding) you use a d2x?

Anónimo dijo...

D2H + Ricoh GrDigi + Hasselblad 500cm + Xpan!