martes, agosto 07, 2007

Random Imagery

Some random images from my Blackberry pearl...

This is the project I worked on for Bread and Butter 2007. I basically dressed the shop Trust Nobody in elephant print to promote Nike SB and the new P-Rods 2 with the elephant print along with the apparel pack you already know and have seen. A really nice project with a great turn around in visibility...If you have visited the shop you know theres a hand painted elephant in the entrance part of the project too!

Ah, my cousin is also my accountant, and sometimes we only se each other for business. Some weeks ago he had a child. We managed to see each other for non-biz related matters.

This is Dani Rubio, skateboarder from Madrid, and a comedian. He was in the Tokyo adventure for the tour we did couple weeks ago. The story behind this photo is that we met this girl with an eye patch at night, and she even appeared at night in my room to sleep with her friend that was my room mate. That was one of the scariest nights ever...waking up at 5 am and seeing a one eyed patched girl staring at you... spooky.

Plans, ideas and projects while celebrating good news. These times are the ones I love most, and try to enjoy to the fullest. Expect as I was talking about yesterday, the full range of tees for autumn, a collaboration with Medicom soon, and more good stuff coming.

Just bought a satellite system. For something like 70 euros got the full set, but the dish is so big I cant fix it anywhere. This is how it looks now. I'd call it pure ghetto style satellite receiver. Funny thing is that it works amazingly good. bad thing is that now I have german TV every day on!

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