viernes, julio 13, 2007

Fast travelling

In the morning in Madrid, in the afternoon in Barcelona. Its not Japan-NYC but ey, it counts uh?
Just meetings and cancelled meetings and an early arrival to my city, Barcelona. Its incredible the airport system how fucked up it is over here. I had to wait forever for my luggage (Full of sp08 samples), because looks like in Madrid, there is no agency to take the bags off the plane and put them on the conveyros belts, is the same guys fixing stuff that do it. At least thats what the girl told me... incredible.

And the weekend is here, Worlwide is going to be available in Europe real soon, and the rest of USA already has a chance to get their pieces.

Looks like the east coast will have a nice set of shops with WORLDWIDE stuff. Thanks everyone. Im blessed.

Europe shops will receive soon the Sum07 catalog. Stay tuned.

And in other news, Barcelona mayor has accepted and green lighted the project to have a fast train going under the city, and crossing great SANTS spot. Look at the pic...

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