miércoles, julio 11, 2007

Back at it!

Fellas, Im doing a restock of the collection because of the amazingly good response from all of you. Thanks.

From today, you can still get season 1 at digital gravel again, with the "Worldwide Love", "Dead presidents" and "mosaic", "Spades", "Fuck you hippie" tees available again. Hurry up because these are leaving super fast. Thanks a lot for the support.

Also, I am working on a restock of season 1 for Europe, I just cant pass the chance to offer the Worldwide goodies to my european homies, friends or just supporters. If you have a shop, email me and lets begin spreading the project all over. Same quality, production made in Los Angeles, same graphics, and one extra design only for Europe on the works.


And on another terms... The office

is nearly finished, and I can finally work there. Still some changes and shelves need to be done, but the whole place is been green lighted for work and is amazingly comfy and a right place to build and grow the project.

I managed to plug a Playstation 2 Eye Toy camera and make it work with my Mac, but still trying to make it work with Ichat...

Also just finished an interview for spanish nationwide magazine SERIE B about "Worldwide". Shot pics of the tees with my loved Polaroid I bought in NYC to get a different look on the scans, IM kind of tired of sharp photos. The mag will be out last week of july.

The under desk cable mess.

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Claudia dijo...

dood. entro a mirar tu blog desde tu myspace y me encuentro esta foto. tengo los mismos altavoces y los mismos azulejos. freaky-spooky. :) congrats por el bisnes de las camis. hippy.

I.J dijo...

en realidad vives en mi casa pero en un mundo paralelo....