viernes, junio 08, 2007

Goodies snaps

"Spades". Its all about worldwide domination. Weapons, leadership and not givinga fuck. Thats the plan, and this tee has been made with all that in mind. A silent worldwide domination...

This tee has debuted today in the streets of Nyc... and all my girl was getting was looks of awe. Love it or hate it, but theres a worldwide love everywhere...silent. Designed by Ina Wolbers. Amazing design.

I dont like Hippies. Im sorry, but I dont. Anybody remembers the Judge Dredd comic books? remember Dredd had this alter ego called Death? Well, for those who dont know, Judge Dredd was this really violent cop who didnt give a shit. if you were a bad guy, he would get you. One of my faves slogans in this 1st season... rep it with pride.

back in 2004, I bought this movie at my local video store. It was so cheap I bought it without even knowing what it was, what the movie was about or anything. Checked the double layer Dvd and when the movie ended, I was amazed. One of my fave movies had just appeared in my life. Some guys trying to get some money, doing anything they could, and everything going wrong at the last minute. You know the minute. You will like the tee.

Barcelona pride to the fullest. I love my city. I love all the culture, art and artists this city has, had and will have. Gaudi was a pioneer, and in every one of his pieces you can feel energy and passion. This tee is a homage to Barcelona, my Barcelona.

3 comentarios:

The Mutha Fucking Don! dijo...

That Dead Presidents Shirt was dropped by Ellegal in early spring, you guys are straight biters! Just because theirs is sold out doesnt make it cool to drop a knockoff. I won't be buying your gear from now on.

Anónimo dijo...

good to know. but if i'd have known somebody already did it i wouldnt have done it.
thanks for the info.
but i dont care

Bombei dijo...

I honestly like how this shirt looks, and it is quite different if you actually took the time to look. Props, especially on that Worldwide Love joint! Of course someone just bit the Worldwide version of this shirt, so it just goes to show Ivan has great ideas. .