martes, abril 03, 2007

Summer 2007 P.2

Another preview for everyone asking whats dropping in summer...
This is one of my fave designs I did when designing the summer collection. Some of you might have seen the movie "dead Presidents". I bought it some years ago down my parents house where a used Dvds place is located.
I had no clue what type of movie was it, I just got it and watched it some days later in one of those boring xmas "i do nothing days".

I was really amazed by the movie story, the actors and even the fact that the Dvd was double layer, with a looooot of minutes on it.
This tee is from the very last scene when the guys are going to rob a bank.
An amazing movie you have to see and a great t-shirt you will be able to get at Digital Gravel in july.

Stay tuned...

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