miércoles, abril 04, 2007

Ice Box

Like Omarion was singing in his "Ice Box" song "...this is crazy, she aint the girl I used to know...". Something similar can be applied to lots of everyday rahrah. And if you look closely to the situation of everyday streetwear-cool guys-name dropping movement supposedly Im in, this is also appliable.

Someone wrote about it in a blog last week. Cues, number of units, limited doors, and hype surrounding a shoe to be dropped, a tee or even a cell phone. And we in the middle of this... Doesnt it feel stupid sometimes? It does to me. And specially nowadays that a lot of crap is being thrown in the market as limited, with crazy price tags.
Stop hating, back with my gagdet-loving posts...
...so, finally got the Treo650 back, first one fell in action due my need to have a DIY black Treo for my biz line, and now need another bberry to get connected to the digital world. Anyone with a spare 8800?

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