lunes, marzo 26, 2007


Some of you think that to get a good picture you need an expensive camera. That´s not the case. I have been a firm believer and defender that is the eye, the technique and your name that make a photo, a GOOD photo (Also the film and the scanning process!).
I remember shooting skate photos with a 4shoot Lomo camera when everybody was turning their eyes to the last Hasselblad cam (Which I also had at that time), but people usually tend to think best cameras = Best photos. I remember having the Zoo York team wonder what the fuck I was doing with a plastic camera in one of the tours we did in Spain. I will post some of the results this week, just to refresh this "lomo craze" going on everywhere.
I dont think expensive equipment guarantees great photos. Its a proven fact though. And to prove it, this dude with glasses has a point...

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