martes, marzo 27, 2007


Losing one of your most beloved gadget has no name. My Blackberry pearl, acquired via my daily hustle, was officially declared lost last friday on one bike ride going back home escaping from rain. Yes, it rains over here too.
So the email-instant messaging-internet brownser machine is R.I.P. Replacing it will be like getting use to live in a foreign country. Everything is strange, everything is unknown.
What did I get to replace it?

I opened a drawer and tried that forgotten Nokia N91 phone I had from another hustle. Ah... 4gigs, wifi and a lot of stuff I never used. The phone is aluminium or whatevs, sliding case and a sexy touch, but big as a brick and not even slick.
After 2 days with the machine I can honestly say the phone SUCKS. Nokia sucks. Cant get used to the menu, cant get used to the trillion of shortcuts to get to the simple image menu, no straight button to get the camera working (For those moments you know?)... and on and on.
So, my Nokia N91 will rest forever until its the last phone on earth.
Blackberry 8700, or maybe another Pearl, or even the new 8800...whatever RIM..I will be on it. Not even the Treo can make the trick anymore after getting used to the slim,sexy and useful Pearl...

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