jueves, marzo 22, 2007

Prague 2

Will be back shortly. One of the most beautiful, clean and relaxed cities I have visited. A good mix between old and new, and an intriguing devotion to new technologies that contrasts with the lack of sometimes modern feeling. Prague has evolved a lot in the last few years as my colleague David Horvath told me while walking through downtown area... Its a nice city.
Stayed at the K+K Hotel, nice and warm place, but with tiny beds and short lining, so if you are big and tall, maybe another option would be good....
In the pictures from top left to right: Nokia cellphones from who knows when. Cristiano, Nike SB Italy and our moment of snow in march. Prague at dawn: Amazing. Entrance of the "Sex machines" museum in the old part of the city. A lot of glass/crystal shops. Spain, Italy and blurry France together.

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