jueves, febrero 15, 2007

New day

Its crazy how time flies. I remember the first time I saw this dude called "Roura" in one of the early 90's skate spots in Barcelona wearing over sized baggy pants and small wheels. he was one of the Barcelona locals and one of the few that ruled the mini ramps and also street.
Then I saw him in every spanish skate magazine and then I found out he was the first spanish rider to turn pro for a US brand (A brand called PUBLIC Chet Thomas rided for some time before going to Santa Cruz and then Chanel One).

Around 16 years later, I´m in his house, with his girlfriend watching their newborn babe called Noa, and Jenna, their dog. Roura went a long way to be where he's at right now, a pro skateboarder for Jart and rider for Nike SB.
Congrats on the new adventure. Great dinner with the fam and some chit chat about future projects.

I got some presents from Scott from MIKE 23. Its crazy the love for basketball imagery and how far can elephant print go. Good stuff worth checking out. Check the sofa they built in their webpage and all the new stuff for this season. Looks like MIKE is getting bigger this year, stay tuned in their website. Scott, thanks mate.

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