lunes, febrero 12, 2007


You can travel all over the world. You can visit places you never thought would be able to see and enjoy, but sometimes some trips are special and more rewarding than all those "big" trips. This is been the case with this trip.Relax and mini-holidays in Germany with my tour guide and partner in crime.
This restaurant was the first thing I got to taste the german food habits. Please, check it out if you ever visit Munster. And remember that restaurants consider 9pm as "late" to serve food.

Kicking it with the 1906 crew from the Munster football team. This dude was one of the coolest, funniest and craziest from a great b-day party I was invited. The stories this cat told me had to do with going with his bros to smash some people, going to football matches and getting crazy, how his girlfriend didnt really know he was going to fight with other people from enemy soccer clubs, or how feared his "1906" crew was around Germany. I even was invited to a soccer match with the crew next time I visited Germany.

Look at those cages in one of the city churchs... they used to put people in there...

How do Supreme Blazers sound under rain, snow and heavy weather?
Even with sneaker protection spray my gems suffered quite a beating...

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