sábado, febrero 03, 2007

Im back

Havent been updating this lately due basically to shitloads of things to do. The WORLDWIDE project goes on, and just wait because things will begin to unfold sooner than expected... and yeah, all the "cool guy" attitude will be gone soon...

The paparazzi is back. Time to undust my camera equipment, got some assignments to do for the next UNO issue. We'll see next week days what bring, but maybe got the next cover. Still loving the Hasselblad system... thats the only analog camera Im using right now. Planning on going fully digital by the end of next year (The Hasselblad digital backs are around 10k euros)...

And as a good saturday, all the homies. From top left to right, Moski, and his new Dolce Gabbana special edition Motorola V3, Hacha, the one and only and the candy with his face on it. Chicho and more candy and what happens when you forget your camera around the homies...they will snap anything in sight, including shits.

And today is been the paparazzi day. Everybody had a camera of some kind. Maybe there was one guy skating and 4 cameras at once were shooting or filming the thing.... nice.

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