domingo, diciembre 31, 2006

SlamHype non interview

Well, I think I can drop my knowledge on this Slamxhype interviews about the new year coming and all that... ah, some good humour aint bad uh?

Shoes of the Year?
All the retro Jordan craze... pretty fresh.

Art Show of the Year?
Banksy en Los Angeles, and I cant think of anything that spectacular.

Artist of the Year?

Tee of the Year?
Mishka "he's a whore"

New Brand of the Year?
Cant think of any

Event of the Year?
Methamphibian in Barcelona

Co-lab of the Year?
McDonalds x Skateboarding

Brand of the Year?
Crooks and Castles

Comeback of the Year(brand)?
Freshjive + Nike Jordan

Trend of the Year?
All over prints

Worst Trend of the Year?
All over prints+ Ice Cream shoes

Best Store?
Trust Nobody, Barcelona

Best new store?
Bodega, Boston?

Worst shoe of the Year?
Duane Peters

Band/Music of the Year?
Mr capone-e

Song of the Year?
Dont get it twisted, Mr Capone-e

Kanye West, Barcelona

Anything else you can think of?
2007 is going to be the WORLDWIDE year. Fuck that. Haters, step up. Click one two three we inmortal.
Hipsters wtahc out

And for 2007…?
Watch out for august 07.

Shoes you are most looking forward to?
None, I have everything I need.

Clothing release you are most looking forward to?
Anything good quality, stylish and functional.

Waiting to hear the Nas album

Whats gonna be the trend of 2007?
More videos on the internet. better phones and of course, blackberries for everyone.

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