domingo, diciembre 31, 2006

I cant keep up. I got the Blackberry Pearl, I got the Blackberry 8700, I got the Treo when it came out... and now this...

I cant keep up in the world of amazing phones. And yes, envy.... I want that, while I still wait for the new Blackberry with full keyboard, and a spanish only Sidekick (that will never happen).

Everyone that knows me, might know that Im against all types of second hand shops, second hand wear or anything similar.

Im, whatever that means, down with fresh to death tees and all that consumist attitude (Even if I get free shit). Yesterday I visited the very first second hand shop that changed my mind and eventually got me thinking about buying a vintage Hermes second hand jacket. Store is called "Le Swing".

Mika, store manager, and queen of style

Amazing shades...even if are yellow and big. Believe me, these will be hot in 2007

I nearly got my Visa in hand when Mika told me this piece was not for sale.

Real Gucci purses and belts, and a lot of accesories...

Think about Nike SB Supremes here... Well, these are some "World Gym" shoes!!!

And this glossy paper jacket was the only "too much" piece from the whole wardrove I couldnt see myself wearing.

Peep this, if you in Barcelona and want to check a good vintage scond hand store, visit these guys, they are close to MACBA, the museum:

Le Swing
Calle Notariat, 3
08001 Barcelona

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