martes, noviembre 07, 2006

Protect ya neck

Ok, real soon, the FOREIGN FAMILY x SNT collabo ... expect some fire from the crew real soon. Exclusive shit dont trip.
Coming back to the States in 3 weeks for a week of biz and ready to hit december already. Crazy how time flies when you are having fun doing what you like most.

I miss the old hiphop. Period.
Jeff, Im still looking for the new Blackberry Pearl. And even the new Blackberry coming out who knows when, I want to get the Pearl. This shiny surface and the central trackball....Was able to check it in a club in NYC and all I can say that having a trackball in a celly is one of the craziest things I have tried (Even if its a stolen idea from the Sidekick 3)
This ugly guy reviews the thing:

My plan is to test every major gagdget coming out in the modern world:That means Treo 750, all known Blackberry's and every PDA with GPS.

And yes, the world famous Didier is back in town (Foto:Xeli). This dude, the one with fellas all over himself, is a traveller. Hes been travelling the world through the Uk, France, he left for some Canadian adventure and what-nots... and he doesnt stop. He makes every land his, and that makes him a special dude. And yeah, hes part of the SNT crew even if he comes every once in a while. Travelling changes people, thats for sure, and make people more open minded. Thats for SURE.

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