domingo, noviembre 12, 2006


A new life coming up in less than 2 weeks, and already have dates for 2 new trips to the States. So Im trying to set up everything this week to leave the apartment and move everything the quickest.
Its incredible how many things I decided to throw away or just give away from my closet, house or even collections. Shoes, tees, books... I just see some of them useless for this new begining. Strange uh...? And yes...thats whiskey on the photos...somehow there are like 3 bottles of hard liquor that were stored home who knwos why.
So I made this little stack of things so my homies can come and get served. Nothing like spreading the love with the homies.

Last week was kind of crazy. Found out Im a Blazer fan. Reppin the new "Made In" Euro only blazers, and the striped ones, and the supremes ones... loving them.

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