viernes, noviembre 17, 2006


Paco from Apple, connected with the Dunk Low Pros "Pufnstuf", and watching the blog shoe war between me and Julio.

To continue with the shoe wars.... maybe one of the more controversial shoes ever to grace the skateboard market, the E-CUE from Nike SB. When it was introduced in the market around 3 years ago, no one could understand the benefits of having a full air insole until these bad boys landed on the feet of many skatebarders around the world. Maybe one of the most durable shoes to ever exist, the E-Cues gave birth to a second phase of the same concept called "Zoom Tre" actually available in your skate shop, with better and improved ideas coming from the original concept of skate shoe.

This colorway, called "Yassutaka" has been designed by the infamous Japanese grafitti artist Yassutaka himself. Underneath the mesh theres this graffiti alike from his. ZOOM AIR E-CUE. Maplewood/Green Curry colorway.
Call them ugly, I dont care, I like them, and they are a neck breaker for sure...One more crazy E-Cue colorway in stock for this war... wait.

And finally got some new toys to play with. New Nokia N91. New Blackberry Pearl (Aka 8100).
I already talked about how I wanted to try every gadget landing in this world.
Highlights of each. PEARL:
-Better camera
-Better everything

-4 gigs Hard drive
-Aluminium constructed

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the_line_is_drawn dijo...

oye el 24 salen a la venta las dunk osito de peluche y afortunadamente es mi cumpleaños... yo lo dejo ahi.