lunes, noviembre 27, 2006

Back on track

Its been one of he crazyiest times lately. I finally left the apartment that has seen all my adventures for more than two years. Its the place I got in a time when I only had one job as photographer & writer, and the place that got me in the mix with snakers, tees, and everything in between. As everything in life, changes have to come, and that was the right time to do so, after some months not knowing what to do.
But changes aint easy, and took me about 2 months to figure out what to do, how to do it, and how to move everything from the place. 2 years saving magazines, gadgets, t-shirts, shoes and whatever you can imagine is a hard work.
But it hasnt been hard to get rid of a lot of stuff via my friends...

Its been more than a week of constant trips to my rented space to drop stuff, a table, chairs, my unmounted Ikea bed, all my shoes in boxes, toys, Dvds... Also, some trips to throw away stuff to the thrash containers, and constant trips from my homies to help me out. Thanks to the "SNT MOVING SQUAD".

And Im writing this from Orlando's Marriot hotel for a full week of business. When I be back will be travelling again, this time around Spain for some visits and more business til we hit christmas.

A new state of mind from now on. And happy to be back on track. And Im getting a lot of messages about whats going on with the shoe blog war between me and Julio from Trust Nobody... Im on it. Didn´t have time all these days, but I will try to give Julio another chance tomorrow when I post one of my gems here.
Thanks for all the help to all my friends, homies and "Spasti" for the good times. More to come von mir.

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