lunes, octubre 23, 2006

Tinker Hatfield in Barcelona

One day Sebastian sent me some shoes for my 28th bday. Were the Prods "Jordan" , a super limited Nike Sb shoe that rumors say was nly released in the Los Angeles area. Well, so I had the shoe in my collection untouched, unworn, due its 1 size bigger than mine. one day, Some weeks ago, found out the guy who designed Michael Jordan shoes from shoe number...2? was coming town. Today is been that day, and like a little anxious kid, approached him to sign my gems. I think was my 1st time asking someone to sign something since I met Lance Mountain around 91 at a local skatepark.
Well, now I have my P-Rods signed by Mr. Hatfield himself. Thanks.

Sounds cheesy uh? Well, I felt excited bitches, so dont front.

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