lunes, octubre 09, 2006


Its going to be a funny month. Figured out my dates and I will be gone most of the time this month so expect some updates every now and then and see where Im at. WIll be touring the country and hopefully end of the month getting out and coming back in november for more touring, then Orlando at the end of november and then Oregon in mid december. My passport will get some ehavy usage before end of the year.
In the mid of this Im moving from my apartment, which will make it even funnier.
A funny way to end up the year.

Why di I get emails like this:"Good day Sir/Madam,
We inform you about new vacancies in Violent Cooperation Company. If you are interested in our offer, please, write an e-mail to our manager Donald Albanese and visit our website
to receive a Representative Contract and detailed information about this job.
Best Regards,
"Violent Cooperation" Company"

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