domingo, octubre 08, 2006

No option

"Payback is a bitch"... moving from one place to another real soon. Moving. Deleting memories. New begining.
Work will have me travelling til the end of the month and the next in and out the city, and in and out the country.
Got a job assignment for the end of the month. Will know some friends I wanted to meet for months.

A frind told me to try this rice with a fried banana and a sausage. All I can say is that is one of my new recipes for winter. Amazing.

Always wondered why AZ never got the credit he deserved on his musical career. Dude's has good skills but somehow never managed to sell enough records to be at least happy. I read an interview and he was saying if he didnt sell enough records of his new cd he was quitting on this whole hiphop thing. I will have to dig where did he go, or if he quitted or what. Its always crazy how untalented people get the best because know how to sell their image and other dont just because...who knows why. It happens everywhere, in jobs, skateboarding, everywhere...
Oh well, enough crying. if you would spend millions of dollars in a movie, make it a really eye-catching, crazy-FX, amazing "everything"...but you make the actors talk a language nobody understands....? Thanks Mel Gibson.
PD_Although Im sure I will love it...

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Anónimo dijo...

Well, the mayans understand.It would be like mkaing making a film of Don Quixote and speaking english-WHAT>

Anónimo dijo...

yeah but the thing is... whats the point in making a movie for the mayans?