sábado, septiembre 09, 2006

Thanks Apple

Last week hotel life. Loving AC Hotels. You feel like home when you are hours and hours away from your crib.

And I got this pack from the good people from Apple Spain. Thanks a lot fo the goodies!. I needed an Ipod Nano to use it with my soon-to-have Nike+. Mine was broken months ago. Got some headphones, dock and one of the best cases I have seen. The leather Ipod nano case is just AMAZING. Leather made and really, really nice. Might sounds stupid but this case is clean, nice and engraved with the Apple logo. A must.
The Ipod Nano is simply as you all know, perfect. Small, thin and in color. You can even put photos on it. Fucking loving it. And until somebody invents anything better Im staying with this...

This post looks like totally advertisement... oh well....fuck it...

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