sábado, septiembre 02, 2006

Blackberry, Myspace, skateboarding and videos

Somehow this myspace.com is like crack. I heard it before. People told me about it. But until you dont find yourself checking your messages on a blackberry in the middle of a skateboard video premiere you dont really realize you are fucked up.
Yesterday we had a Dogway Video premiere in Apolo Club. The Barcelona crew was there, and we had a good time kicking it afterwards up and down las Ramblas. Whatever. But we ended up in City Hall with Lee being kick out, a foreigner fainting next to me and knocking his head to the ground, some finnish girls dissapearing in Las Ramblas and a 2 minutes stay in Fellini Club.

I have no clue why theres people with their skateboards around the "cool" clubs in the city at 3 am in the morning when you are supposed to be havinga drink and chilling with the homies than showing you skate and you are the coolest. Oh well, Im pretty sure everyone there are these type of people. Anyways, the video was really nice and we had a good time. Fuck it.


1. Moski's Chrysler PT cruiser sound system

2. Foreign Family x Digital Gravel tee

3. My blackberry

4. Not having food in the refrigerator and being able to have lunch and dinner

5. Nike SB Blazers

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