miércoles, agosto 02, 2006

Super tuesday

Best thing of the day has been my FC Barcelona blue shorts, the breakfast with some office colleagues and...yes...u guessed it: 3 new cds!!!! Mr.Criminal "Sounds of crime", Criminal "Stay on the streets" and maybe my favorite of them three... Silencer "Oldie dedications". I can go one by one if you want....ejem ejem...

The best one is the Silencer one because its all based on oldies, and everyone knows oldies are so hot right now when it comes to chicano hiphop. Mr Capone-E and Lil Rob begun dealing with mixing oldies and hiphop and the product has always been nice. So this full Cd is good, easy to listen and mixes violence and love, and you get this slow tempo'ed Cd with good lyrics and best rhymes. 15 songs. From "Low profile" records.
And well, about the Mr Criminal Cds, both are good, but nothing that makes you remember the Cd itself. But ey, really good stuff. The song "Mato a todos" (I kill' em all) just let you know what the cds all about. Good when you dont feel like making friends.
And I keep asking myself who comes here to read my nonsense. Yasi from Los Angeles told me people would read this. She even encouraged me to write about my new Cds. Yeah, well, if you get any of these cds, get the Silencer one. I even had an office colleague dancing to it before leaving home...

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