lunes, julio 31, 2006

2 and counting!

Yes! Another Mr Trippalot video! I know you were expecting another chicano rap video...right? Well. This one is in spanish, which makes it best for my friends in Spain or even those who understand spanish like Jima from Japan, or some fellas from USA.
Ok, so basically I have been reading all the cool blogs today. Looks like The Wall Street Journal and New York Times have articles about the importance of underground T-Shirts brands, and how cool can they be. I agree. But I knew that, and most of you knew that, years ago. Its incredible the boost the brands they talk about will get after this article. Surf around the web and read the article. Im pretty sure The Hundreds, Barking irons and Anything will get some major orders soon. And Im happy for them. I just have been in contact with Bobby Hundreds, but hes been doing it right since minute 1, he even sent me some TShirts, wich makes him even cooler. About Anything and Barking irons, I just saw A-Ron Dj-ing at bread and Butter Barcelona next to a ghost and some good Dj.
I just spent like 15 minutes in the Barking irons website reading about their TShirts history. Fucking genius. If you ever read this: Man, you are a genius. Selling a TShirt is one thing, but sellinga story is even better. Cool graphics. The tight fit thing is not my style, but ey, there are more people using tight tees than oversizes tees...
And yes, I will glad if someone sends me some Tees to represent in this country.

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