jueves, agosto 17, 2006

Night Life

Summer is perfect for going out at night. Lots of people are on holidays, drinking something with the crew is always cool, and is better than being under the sun for hours. BUT there are certain things that people should have in mind when going out at night to a club. Look at the pictures... This is, like VICE Mag would say, a totally "DON'T".

1. Who goes to a club with fisher pants and these shoes?
2. Who uses a cell phone in a club with loud music and no human chance to hear anything coming from the celly?

People is fucked up. Thats for sure. And yes, hanging out with the homies is the best part. And meetinga guy dressed in grey with face painted accordingly is priceless. And if hes drunk the thing just gets better. This is the image you could see at 2 am outside a known club in Barcelona...

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chaddypooh dijo...

yo if yall want some more coi bandanas holla, we have white with gold and blk with gold. peace