viernes, agosto 18, 2006

Nikon, skateboarding and naps

When people have holidays, usually rest, and do close to nothing. Thats been my mission since I had holidays from office work. But ey, can´t stop won´t stop right? Been shooting more lately, but ey, close to nothing just to keep it on the holidays regime. Quentin de Briey is a belgian guy thats been living in Barcelona for years. I don´t really know what he does besides skateboarding and working in a club at night. I assume he must be a playboy or something. He lives with skateboarder Javier Mendizabal. So this pics are from the last session we had some days ago. Results of the afternoon? 2 sequences in less than 2 minutes. One trick and the the other next. Great.

Thanks Chicho. This is no streetwear, shoes or music related present, but my homie Chicho got me this amazing light bulb that when you light it you get the PHiladelphia Love Park sign lit. How cool is that? Homie love has no price. And Im not used to receiving presents so all good.

Im trying to visit New York in autumn. DQM, Supreme, Married to the Mob, SSUR, Jeff Pang, Toy Tokyo, Subway sandwiches, Natalie BB$, Recon, Staple, ALIFE... I will be there soon, and I want to fill these pages with a "Thanks to..." when I come back...
And a randon pic of the SNT Skateboad crew from Barcelona.

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