viernes, agosto 11, 2006

Friday. Summer holidays.

First day of summer holidays. And i basically didnt feel like. Woke up too late, did some internet stuff and went for a walk with world famous Ruby. She´s going back to California. She doesnt read this blog so I can write about her and the shoes she got for her friend in Cali. Ruby's cousin is the head that begun Tribe Clothing. Shes going back to cali and buying a Lowrider. Anyways, check the picture. This is how we do things in Spain. This brand is really know in the disco world, ravers and alikes... And these are close to 120 dollars! Shoe designers worldwide, look and wonder what the designer who did this had smoked to do such a shoe.

On another note, got the news of the new Nike bag dropping Holidays 2006. Ipod ready, and looking waaaaay better than the regular swoosh bags I had seen before. Judge by yourself. I just think this new Nike & Apple adventure will go faaaaaar beyond the Nike+ shoe thing. Its not going to be a one hit wonder, thats for sure. Its called "Nike C.O.R.E Large Audio backpack". This is the first backpack that Nike says is "made for Ipod". I want one. Anyone?

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