sábado, agosto 12, 2006

Everybody clap your hands

Saturday. Been skating. Started to rain like Apocalypse. Had to go back home. Tomorrow my bday. Fuck it. Feeling young so no matter the digits ok? Ey, has someone wondered why oldie music makes you get depressed?
Is like listening a couple songs and you want to kill yourself.

"Revenge of the Nerds". Best movie ever. And the last clip is just a classic. Im worndering what the hell to write about, but since I consider this my therapy I just want to let some stuff go. This writing thing is like therapy.
Got news from some fellas: Takashi from japan got married, Natalie BBS is in Puerto Rico, Xeli is back at his grand's house recovering, Ruby is leaving sunday...
Some projects are coming together. Stay tuned.
And due I didnt have much to post, I will post some of the latest pics I shot with one of the Barcelona-Sants plaza local, Xavi benguerel. Frontside crooks with my new Xpan some months ago...

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