jueves, agosto 24, 2006

Foreign Family x SNT Crew

Its coming. A FOREIGN FAMILY x SNT Barcelona Skateboard crew collabo with A Digital Gravel support. For those who don´t know, Foreign Family is a T-Shirt brand from Los Angeles. Whats SNT? Maybe you saw the Nike SB Team Editions that dropped May worldwide... If you didnt check the pics and interview I did for Freshnessmag.com then. So SNT Stands for SaNTs, the OG skate spot for Barcelona skateboarders. No Macba fellas... Macba is for visitors.
Something is cooking, so stay tuned.

And my loved Treo650 died... I was carrying the Treo with my 8700 Blackberry and now Im stuck with 2 Blackberrys due my 2 different celly lines... Loving the technology but somehow crazy carrying around these two all day. Oh well, maybe will wait for the new Treo 700 to hit Spain at the end of the year. Incredible why the new Blackberry cant accept bluetooth images from computers to the device, and incredible how hard is it to use a Mac with a Blackberry. And no, the Pocketmac software doesnt make it...