domingo, junio 08, 2008

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Podemos con Obama

I had never seen, or known, of any presidential campaign so "out of the system" like this. A soon to be president, backed up by a lot of people into the creative world (Designers, actress, singers, musicians...), and a lot of videos, songs, videoclips to support him raiding the internet.
Amazing. Simply amazing. Never a presidential campaign was so creative. Ever.

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Anónimo dijo...

I read your blog pretty ussually. Im just kinda stoked by the amount of posts you´ve made about Obama, well, being you, from Spain. Do you really think Obama makes such a difference as a politcal candidate? Are you aware that even Democrats are, to European standards, almost hard right wing?

Just curious... No hate or anything like that...

I.J dijo...

my point is how different the guy approach to people is compared to the rest of the candidates. Also, Im stoked to see the type of support Obama got during this 1st process vs Hillary. Its something you cant deny: Songs, videoclips, a huge % of the young people seeing change in Obama. I think this is something remarkable and that hasnt happened in... ever?
Im not 100% aware of his program, just the basics, and I can say he sounds promising (Out of irak anyone?).
Thanks for the comment