lunes, mayo 19, 2008


These days life is been kind of strange, with not so mny things to do and lots of stuff in my mind.
Someone posted a message about why I wasnt skating or why I never posted pics of me skating... the answer is simple, I barely have that many free time to be skating. Last time I skated was in the Amsterdam skatepark and I had such a rush and had such a good time...

And life goes on with trips cancelled, new stuff in hands and just a couple things I have in mind. These last months projects have been coming and leaving, and all I can think of right now is having fun and travel, see my friends and enjoy life.
My friend Chad might be crying right now. But thats the way things go these days.
And this new project finally jetted off and I wanted to drop the news before the official release is out: Skate Family is a new project based on a webpage/blog where some of the "old school" from the skate community will be blogging and dropping bullshit without any "politically right" approach. I will be posting regularly there, I even have a bio and pics! Amazing. I even look serious (Loving my hair cut thou!). Its entirely in spanish, and entirely shot with LUMIX Panasonic cameras (Loving that camera!). Expect big things from this project...besides tour pics and some nonsense.

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