jueves, mayo 01, 2008

New blogger

So I have the honour to be one of the bloggers of a new blog/webpage/magazine/whatever you want to call it that will see the light at the end of may. Im really excited.
The project is aimed to create a space where a bunch of skateboarders, industry related individuals linked with skateboarding will be blogging and posting everything they feel like. I can say that this is going to be a cool page, just wait.
The tools to do so is a new LUMIX camera, and my spanish skills, because is a spanish written blog (Finally!).
Hopefully my mistakes writing will be solved soon (yeah, I know my english sucks sometimes...sorry).
So some pics of the new tools I just got my hands on...

This beauty is amazing. Seriously. Put a hotshoe for an extrenal flash and you have the best camera I have ever tried.
Shots by Panasonic Lumix Fx35!

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