domingo, mayo 25, 2008

Lost again

Yes. In the north shore enjoying a weekend with friends,waves and surf. Its been my first time surfing, and let me tell you this surf thing is soooo hard but fun to do.
Besides surfing enjoyed a session of paintball and got hit three times when i jumped from a hidden position and went out Rambo style shooting in a capture the flag game.
You can see my chest a third nipple. Shit hurts. And i was wearing some kind of bullet proof vest...
Tomorrow back to the city, and the next week out the city again for another week.

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1 comentario:

CHAD dijo...

OMG! no you did not!
puh-leeeeeze INA make him take this off. OH MY LORD! profavor believe it you are officially gay.
with your pepparoni nippels. hahahah