jueves, abril 24, 2008


What up peoples.
Coming soon something new is dropping. New WORLDWIDE stuff dropping for a good thing. Just wait, the project is good enough to have its own press.
In the city things are weird: We have really good weather but I cant be out as much as I'd love to. Need to get on my skateboard soon. This work-work-work scheulde aint good.
What up Chaddy Pooh, hope u better. What up Yoshi, see u in a min. Nims, dont stress w your fake watch.

Some stuff going on these days:

New tee dropping with a really nice touch. Just wait.

Got some new software: "Final Cut express 4" (thanks for the pro vs express Nima) and "Logic Express 8" to make music. Im getting deep into digital video in a minute, so watch up for some videos posted here. Also getting deep in a new project that will see the light in a few weeks. Going kind of deep into the internet thing. When you sum up fun, skateboarding, photos, video and more fun, you get what Im working with...

Limited Edition Playmobil I got in Germany. Ever since I got the Glow in the dark one in L.A with Elia and Chad, I need to get as many as I can of these Glow in the dark edition... Its a dead pirate. cant go wrong with dead pirates, I know that ever since I saw "The Goonies".

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