viernes, marzo 28, 2008

Fans here comes the new beast

Thats it. Simple and loud: The new Blackberry is coming soon. As the Civics... those who know me, know that my cellies play a crucial part in my everyday. One "hotline" is plugged in an "illegal" I-Phone, and the other one is in a Blackberry Curve. As some would say, its best of both worlds, so just finding out theres a new toy in sight, and coming from the Balckberry camp, I can only assure...this one will be mine ASAP.

A week full of stress.
And some stuff that went down last week...basically a bunch of pics I have taken in the last week with the iphone:

In Spain we have this tradition to get chocolate cakes with little things on it for eastern. Dont ask me why but thats the way it goes. Its our way to celebrate something related with the death of Jesus (I think).

Everyday views.

New game after the Call of Duty 4 thing and soon to finish Army of two. Thanks Carmen.

And a quick visit last weekend to Tarragona to check how the roman empire built one hell of a city and built so many incredible things. The city is boring as fuck, but all the roman stuff around and the old part of the city is amazing. Dont expect to go shopping there.

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