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Back to the blog life: its been some days of craziness, didnt have time to update this, and also couldnt come up with anything worth posting about. What else than writing about Worldwide?

As you might have to know, Fall08 is going to be the first season of the collection with its own catalog and a wide selection of colorways and more t-shirts, aswell as a serious, straight up distribution plan. To be a little more precise, the catalog has 20 pages (dont front) and features some stuff I wanted to do for some time. So the time we put in making the catalog and everything new has been...a lot. Peep a little bit below and you will see some photos and the post called "At night...when you were sleeping". Thats been the process of making everything happen in time.

Im pretty sure most of the people reading this who are involved in some type of hustle know what I mean. Going to sleep late, really late, waking up early to hit the "regular" job I have, and just thinking about a trillion things in the middle. Pretty exhausting.

Just to go back in time, back around 3 years ago, I was managing a full magazine for nearly two years where I was shooting most of the contents, writing and getting 45 pages of content every two months, at the same time I was building from zero Nike SB in Spain and Portugal. Sum up a sinking relationship and you have a pretty good scenario with me waking up at 6 am, going to sleep really late, and travelling around the country/world just to be able to not spend many time at home. So I´m kind of used to all this craziness.
And I do like it.

This is how my desk looked like in august 2006, middle of the "chaos" time.
I could never have a "regular" job, some 9-5 thing. I just couldn´t. I respect those who can, and as somebody tells me "maybe they are happy with it". I just need the rush of stress every now and then and the idea of just create something out of my mind (and heart).
And then is when Worldwide steps in.

I will never forget the phrase of someone who used to call himself "my homie" when I dropped the very first Worldwide tees back in january 2007: "I shit on Worldwide", he told to a friend (Who later told me). That moment just added more fuel to the fire that was getting shape.

From there, months of work to build a first season that debuted at DIGITALGRAVEL and then few days later in New York City at SUPREME (Who sold out in less than a week) & REED SPACE. Then came Re-Up in Boston who sold out in 2 days.
I still remember carrying around NYC Supreme's first order in several plastic bags. The look in the face of the clerks was priceless. When I mean priceless, I mean it. Imagine me and my lady stepping in Supreme with 3 supermarket bags each filled with tees and dropping them at the counter. You get the picture. Alex, you WORLDWIDE fam for life.

Then came spanish shops (Trust Nobody, VSD, Dolce Vita and Paxanga) and euro shops (even Moscow repping Worldwide!).Then with season 2 few more shops felt the brand and got some WWIDE flavour.
Even as Im writing this, this feels just like a mission, a mission as Jeff says "To Darrin Hudson", I can easily say "To the guy who shitted on Worldwide".

Most of the european shops that will be able to peep the catalog will order for Fall08 delivery, and the sell in begins in some days. This time every country will have their own agents and sample set along with everything that makes a sell-in legit.
Its time to step the game up, and as I told Alex long time ago, I still call this "season 3", although in this case, the fall08 offer it should be called "season 2.5". You will see why.
New designs in the linesheet, with influences from everything that surrounds my life, lots of colors of my fave tees, even sweatshirts and my very first hat that will rock to death.

I just felt like I had to write about all this in a moment that many changes might happen.
Worldwide is staying true to its roots, to its influences, and to its international family. You know who you are.
Thanks to every single one who has supported and supports this project.
Every effort to make this bigger and better goes to you.

To my international fam of hustlers and WORLDWIDE gambinos!
Nima DG, Alex Starks/Supreme, Yoshi & Chad Foreign fam/Village People, Leah MOB, Jima Tokyo, John DG, Jason Official, Chris Freshjive, Kazuma & Hui DreamTeam, Nico & Jeff Staple/Tapas, Ruby Falafel Queen, Vicky and everyone in the middle. Thanks. This just doesnt stop. Won´t stop.

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