miércoles, febrero 06, 2008

Giving Steve a second chance

I promised Jeff I'd give Steve a second chance.
Nico checks this one every now and then and knows what I mean... Bread and Butter Barcelona, some weeks ago: First thing I saw at the Staple booth was Jeff showing me the IPhone update that went live the night before!
Mr Staple himself played with the icons and his joy was clearly visible.I didnt even know you could play with the icons. All I thought was that my Iphone was fried, and that I would not spend a single euro on one of these things until I got one for free. I got my Iphone in september, and I could only use it for 8 weeks til it totally fried for ome unknown reason. I have the theory I got the worst battery in the factory because this thing didnt last a day and it finally kind of exploded so...
Anyways, I already had an Ipod touch by the way, something close to the Iphone...but it wasnt the same.
Ten days ago I had an epiphany (I think that word exists in english). Is when you see like the future, or something similar, for the believers (Something Im not). I woke up from bed one day thinking somebody might sell replacement batteries for Iphones. Went to the office, connected to the ebay and I bought it straight away.
This sounds terrible, but its a 100% true story.

I got the replacement kit today. And I took the phone apart like they explain how in this video.

So, the process has begun, and lets expect better results than the time I tried to make my very own Treo650 into an "all black Treo"...

UPDATE: This thing doesnt work. I came to the conclusion that is not a matter of the battery, but of the main unit. That little part on top of the cell just heats a lot but nothing. Oh well.

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