viernes, diciembre 21, 2007

Can you spell 15?

Thats exactly the days I will be gone from the office on official holidays.
Exactly. Those will be enough days to do some shit I have left. That means new graphics, Season 3 products and be with friends and of course...skate. Yeah, its been a while.

A week full of things, little things that make a whole...

Elia. You might remember her from "The Hundreds" blog in some post in the 1st week of november, when she was featured and Bobby talked about her tattoos. We were together in that trip. I met her at Nima's house, and found out she was a friend of a friend, and the rest is history. Nearly one week with her from morning to noon, and even night dancing made me realize she's a cool girl and a dreamer. Had to keep those lunches together. Shes a pro noodle slurper.

This plate is 30 years old. Trip with that: I went to my parents house this week and found out I have been eating in this plate since I was born. Thats some Disney heavyduty plastic plate right there, and one of my best memories when growing up...a fucking plate that will last another 30 years. Word to that.

Thats the OG Jimenez right there. Daddy Jimenez doing his new piece of curated ham. Its a tradition in Spain to have a pig curated leg at home and slice it slowly to celebrate the good times. Ah, we doing it to the fullest!

Sebastian from Planetbase editorial giving me a visit at the office number 1 while I pretend Im listening but Im checking the email (Sorry, I always do that)...

Somebody filled my table with these annoying stars...even the Tokyo Tribe homie aint cool with that

And lunches with new SB members, Kike, new Nike SB rep for Spain.

And yeah well, you know, just a new colorway to add to the list.

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