domingo, noviembre 18, 2007

Thats been a week

A week full of things to do.

To begin with this update, my Los Angeles family aka Nima from D.Gravel and Chad from Foreign family have put together with the help of Nima's friend Mousa, a great vid about Foreign family. As Nima says "post it and say you are one of the first to post it up"... here it is:

Also this week, some things Im into right now:

My Playmobil special edition "Ghost" Glow in the dark. First saw it in an expo in a local mall like 3 years ago, and in LA had the chance to get it for 3 dollars. Now its part of my toy collection. Dont hate. This toy is amazing, and glows in the dark! Im really into things that glow in the dark.

The new Supreme catalog. When you can turn your catalog into a product, its the perfect match. And dont get me wrong, Im no crazy-fan of any shop's products, but Supreme's catalog is one of the best pieces I have seen in time. Another example of a great catalog is Lakai's footwear catalog. if you into magazines/design and footwear and also skate, get Lakai's catalog. About their shoes, thats another story, but the catalog is good.

Cooking. been putting some time into cooking properly these days. That means trying new recipes and learning how to cook things the right way. I still have a long way to go, judging the shoputing I get when I cook... oh well, slowly...

And also skate premieres. My homie Kiriko from the SNT squad put together a video about homies, skateboarding and fun and yesterday saturday premiered at the Bar manolo (Yeah, for those who know, the bar that started to be a locals bar and ended up being the skate foreigner bar aka where-to-be-cool-and-look-for-a-sponsor bar).
The vid is called "Obsesiones", and is available...somewhere in Barcelona shops.

Mon, skateboarder with a part in the video,"Kiriko", the editor and filmer of the video and Juan from Free.

After the vid the crew splitted and we headed to this indian, small and cheap restaurant to get some food. This is Chicho, Ruth, Mario on the top right and Alex "Peny", who now works at this lab making expensive creams for the face and all...

And out the restaurant to get some drinks downtown Barcelona and the day is gone.

And soon, really soon, Season 2 of Worldwide will be avialble at all the finest retailers out there.
List to come up shortly... Thanks a lot for all the support and emails about the new season, its amazing getting love from all over the world when I'm just trying to do something fun and stuff that I'd wear myself.

Im also working on some stuff for Bread and Butter, and watch out for the special edition tees sold during B&B of Season 2!

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