jueves, noviembre 29, 2007

Secret dinners

Some of the Sants OG Skaters/Fam and friends gathered yesterday for the 1st official "Men dinner" of the week.
Basically the plan is to have friends come over and have a great night. Yesterday was the 1st of many to come...

The "chef" cooked amazing burgers with rucula and amazing bread.

His creation.

Not pictured Chicho ...

The giant PEZ collection thanks to Nico from Reed Space (The Candy Store Nico!)

One of the best movies in the Dvd collection at home.

PEZ forever

best way to gather around your friends...some UFC Playstation game.

..in which "Peny" and Kike (You know Kike's work by some of the best skate videos produced in Spain, or by some of the "Nothing but the trutH" video from Nike SB footage), got in terrible competition.

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