jueves, noviembre 22, 2007

The line

I got an email some time ago from some guy from Los Angeles blaming me to have copied one of his T-Shirts, the "Dead Presidents" tee.
He even sent me the artwork of a tee "about to drop". He blamed me basically to have fucked up his design and that he was not going to be able to drop it after I "copied" him.
We exchanged some messages and that was it.

Just today stumbled on this collection of tees. So it looks hes finally doing the tees, and hopefully not blaming me for "copying" his T-Shirts, 6 months ago. Another tees from the collection include a girl with blank eyes, a 10deep, Diamond, Flying Coffin type collabo tee and P-Rod tattoo collabo tee.
By the way, I did the tee based on one of my faves tee. Period.

Its all love.

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Willo_C dijo...

jajaja, que jodida

aca tengo un proyecto en "stand-by" con unos amigos, una de mis primeras ideas -entre varias- está inspirada en la pelicula de Spike Lee "Do The Right Thing"; hace unos dias una amiga buscando por Ebay encontró una tshirt con el mismo concepto e imagen de mi "sketch", pero con otro mensaje -bastante distinto al mio-, eso me fastidio un poco, aun así pienso hacerlo más adelante.

son cosas que suceden, pero la verdad...la version de Dead Presidents de Worldwide se ve mejor, por mucho, es sencilla y fresca, la otra está muy cargada.


I.J dijo...